OSF: Association and Foundation to maximise our services.

Opera San Francesco per i Poveri, nowadays known as OSF, was founded on 20 December 1959. The Association  was legally established on 28 November 1986, acquiring legal recognition with Lombardy Presidential Decree no. 13340 of 11/12/1992. OSF has also been listed on the Regional Register of Volunteer Organisations  since 27/1/1994 as the majority of its services are only possible thanks to the daily contribution of volunteers.

Meanwhile, the Foundation was established on 26 February 1996 with the aim of promoting fundraising through communications, events and relations with benefactors.

The Foundation acquired ‘Moral Entity’ (Ente Morale) status with the Ministry of the Interior decree of 26 September 1997; it is also listed on the Registers of the Prefecture of Milan and adapted its articles of association to the Non-Profit Organisation  Law with the notarial act of 28 October 2008.

To the side, the Articles of Association of both entities which work together for the best possible management of Opera San Francesco per i Poveri.

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