OSF: Association and Foundation to maximise our services.

Opera San Francesco per i Poveri, nowadays known as OSF, was founded on 20 December 1959.

On November 28th 1986, the Minor Capuchin Friars of the Province of Lombardy, establish the Volunteer Association of Opera San Francesco per i Poveri, recognized in 1992 and registered in the Regional Register of Voluntary Service in 1994. In November 2022, it becomes THIRD SECTOR INSTITUTION as ODV – in accordance with the Reform the Third Sector of 2017. On February 26 th 1996, they decide to establish the Foundation Opera San Francesco per i Poveri with the aim of promoting fundraising through communication, events, and partnerships with donors. The Foundation then became Ente Morale in 1997, and Onlus in 2008. In 2022, it became a Third Sector Institution in compliance to the Reform of the Terzo Settore.

The OSF Association and Foundation cooperate sharing the same vision: it is their union that makes the strength and efficiency of OSF’s organized charity.

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