Businesses, whether large or small, can also help OSF by supporting its services for the needy.

Thanks to cash donations, Opera San Francesco can continue to make its two Food Kitchens, Showers and Wardrobe, Health Centre and Social Area available to those who need them. It is possible to make both single and regular periodic donations.

Single donation

Even a little contribution can make a big difference to those who have nothing.

You can make your donation:

  • via bank transfer to IBAN IT19 D030 6909 6061 0000 0119 428 Intesa Sanpaolo belonging to: Fondazione Opera San Francesco per i Poveri ETS; Viale Piave 2 – 20129 Milano

    In the description field always remember to provide your personal information so we can thank you. To transfer money from abroad you have to use the BIC code: BCITITMM
  • via postal account by filling out a postal current account payslip made out to postal account no. 456202 belonging to: Fondazione Opera San Francesco per i Poveri ETS; Viale Piave 2 – 20129 Milano

Regular donation

With this type of donation (monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly) you can help OSF with the long-term planning of its initiatives to help the needy and restore their dignity.

  • Become a “Regular donator” alongside OSF: make a secure periodic online donation with your credit card or a direct debit from your bank or postal account

Tax benefits

Fondazione Opera San Francesco per i Poveri has acquired the status of Non-Profit Organisation.

For institutions and companies donations are:

  • deductible from their total net income tax up to a limit of 10% of their overall declared income (art. 83 paragraph 2 of Leg. Decree 117/2017).

This detraction/deduction is permitted on the condition that said donations and contributions are made via a bank or post office or using the other payment systems indicated in art. 23 of Leg. Decree 241/1997, or via other methods that enable the inland revenue to carry out thorough controls.

The above incentives cannot be combined with the tax benefits contained in other provisions. As such, donors cannot apply multiple tax benefits to the same donation.

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