Discover the joy of sharing an emotional moment.

Special occasions can also be an opportunity to contribute to a good cause: a wedding, a graduation party, a first communion or an anniversary.

Discover the joy of sharing an emotional moment with those who are less fortunate.

You can inform your loved ones using our parchments personalised with the name of the guest of honour and the date of the event.

Request your charity parchments and support Opera San Francesco!

How do you order them?

Just call the Donors Office on 02-77.122.401 or send an email to ufficiodonatori@operasanfrancesco.it .

Make a donation of your choosing and you can order the charity parchments with no minimum order required.

The parchments will be dispatched within a week.

Make a help list for OSF!

You can choose to replace your wedding list, gift list, birthday list or other with a solidarity list for OSF asking your loved ones to support the poorest. OSF will thank them with a dedicated letter. Make your event even happier with OSF! For all information call the Donors Office at 02-77.122.401 or write an email to ufficiodonatori@operasanfrancesco.it

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