Alongside the needy for over 60 years.

Opera San Francesco per i PoveriOSF, was founded by the Friars Capuchin of viale Piave in Milan and since 1959 has worked to guarantee free assistance and shelter to the needyas per the tenets of its official Articles of Association

It satisfies primary needs, enabling people to enjoy a hot meal and shower and to wear clean clothes, but also guarantees the right to healthcare with free medical check-ups and medicines. It also provides support for those looking for a home or for work, and for the management of interpersonal relationships, without any distinction in terms of race, culture, religion or language.

These services for the needy are guaranteed every day thanks to the invaluable work of volunteers, cornerstones of Opera San Francesco, and the generous donations of its supporters, both private parties and businesses.

Every operation, activity and service is reported to guarantee maximum transparency: all of the data can be viewed in the Social Report, which is written and published every year.

The values of OSF


All those who need to can take advantage of the OSF services without distinction in terms of race, culture, religion and language.


OSF services are free and ongoing and guaranteed thanks to the generous support of thousands of donors and volunteers.

Focus on people

The people that arrive at OSF have a past and a background, sometimes quite dramatic, and receive help so they can reacquire their dignity and embark on social inclusion courses.


OSF guarantees the professional management of the entire institution. Its services for the needy, under constant development, are possible thanks to the professionalism and dedication of its employees and volunteers.

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