From the teaching of St. Francis to OSF.

Opera San Francesco per i Poveri was founded over 60 years by the Friars Minor Capuchin of Milan whose convent has been located at 2 viale Piave in Milan since 1878. The convent was firstly home to the Canteen before gradually hosting the majority of the OSF organisation.

Fra Cecilio – the founder of Opera – took his inspiration from the teachings of St. Francisthe Saint of Assisi,and the friars are still guided by his precious teachings today.

OSF is a secular institution governed by civil law born from the meeting between an enlightened entrepreneur and the Franciscan charity of Fra Cecilio Cortinovis. The friars oversee all of the governance bodies of the Association and Foundation. Some are also involved in first person and work directly in some services as managers, coordinate activities and supervise volunteers, continuing to act as figures of reference for both workers and guests.

OSF aims to pursue an increasingly organised model of charity so it can offer much more in addition to Fra Cecilio’s bowl of soup.

Much has changed since Opera San Francesco was founded in 1959, but underpinning every activity and form of help offered to the most vulnerable members of society is the Franciscan Charism, according to which everybody must be welcomed as a brother or sister, without any discrimination.

Franciscan Charism translates into daily activities based on help and listening.

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