The place where items donated by benefactors are kept.

Closely connected with the Shower and Wardrobe Service and the Health Centre Medicine Distribution Counter, it is the place where businesses and the general public donate clothes and medicines, which the volunteers then sort and select so they can be offered free of charge to the guests of the OSF via its services. In fact, the Collection Centre enables OSF to remain stocked at all times and for this reason is fundamental.

Thanks to the accurate computer system, the comprehension of the volunteers and the large number of donations, it is an efficient and useful service both for the public and the guests of OSF who benefit from the items collected.

IMPORTANTEal momento il Centro Raccolta di OSF accetta e ritira solo ed esclusivamente abbigliamento maschile.

Collection Centre in numbers

Raccolta abiti centro raccolta | OSF

Garments distributed



Operatrice piega vestiti centro raccolta | OSF

Pairs of trousers

Scarpe maschili raccolte | OSF

Pairs of shoes

Volontari del Centro Raccolta | OSF


People in difficulty need everything and the task of OSF is to make sure they have the best despite the deprived situation in which they find themselves.

Where to find us

Via Vallazze, 113
20131 Milano – MI


Opening hours

Monday to Saturday: 9.00 – 12.30 and 14.00 – 17.30

Sarà chiuso a dicembre il 7 e l’8, il 24 pomeriggio, il 25 e il 31 pomeriggio; l’1 e il 6 gennaio.

Contact details

Service manager
Nicola Lanotte

Phone number


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