OSF for prevention.

The Health Centre is a reliable and respected healthcare facility that focuses particular attention on prevention.

With this in mind, a few years ago it opened the Prevention Clinic, a place that listens to patients very carefully thanks to an interview and personalised treatment course, assessing their illnesses in depth, but where they can also receive valuable information on the potential risks they run by not adopting suitable behaviour or neglecting their condition. The aim of the clinic is to promote health: in fact, by raising the awareness of patients, the chances of preventing illness, especially infectious, chronic and childhood illnesses, are improved.

The Prevention Clinic collaborates with other public and private healthcare facilities in the local area.

In particular, it has launched a partnership with ATS Milano for the prevention of tuberculosis, the supply of vaccines and the issuing of STP (temporarily present foreigners) health cards for some urgent or essential healthcare services supplied by the Italian National Health Service.

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