A place to wash and restore your dignity and self-respect.

Being able to wash and wear clean clothes is an important right. Personal care is essential for maintaining one’s dignity, both in terms of self-respect and interpersonal relationships.

OSF offers men and women in difficulty the chance to take a hot shower, giving them a set of clean underwear on each occasion. Managed with the support of volunteers, this is a fundamental service particularly for those who have no fixed abode and live on the streets.

The Shower Service in numbers




Personal hygiene service users


Average daily number of personal hygiene service users


Volunteers (jointly with the Wardrobe service)

To access the facility you must show your ID card, which can be requested from the Reception Service. All users can take advantage of the shower service 1 time every 7 days with distribution of a new set of underwear.

Beards and Footbaths were suspended due to the Covid emergency.
The service also involves the distribution of candles, toothbrushes and toothpaste, t-shirts and shirts.
Anti-scabies treatments are also provided for cases reported by the Health Centre.

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