Finding a home again with OSF.

OSF agrees with the principle that a home should be considered a human right as every individual should be able to live safely, in peace and dignity.

Having a stable home is the starting point in the process of reacquiring your independence and self-respect. Housing is one of the greatest needs of OSF beneficiaries. The team of educators, social workers, psychologists and psychiatrists, who work in synergy with the other figures on the network, are committed to ensuring that those who ask for help feel supported and protected.

Dialogue and the construction of a trusting relationship are the primary work tools. By forging a relationship with people, understanding their daily lives, stories, emotions and desires, it is possible to help them achieve maximum wellbeing and independence.

Opera San Francesco pursues two Housing projects:

  • Housing First: aimed at homeless people. This project is based on the premise that people have a right to their own home. Once the person has entered the apartment, the team focuses on involving them, encouraging them and supporting them in improving their levels of health and psychological wellbeing, and reconstructing a social support network. The entire project is based on the fundamental principles of Housing First (S. Tsemberis “Pathways to Housing” 2000). OSF has been a member of the Italian Housing First Network promoted by fio.PSD since 2014.
  • Social Housing: this project is aimed at individuals and families with serious housing problems (evictions, inadequate homes, departure from halfway houses, etc.). After a period of getting to know each other and objective sharing, the individuals or families will move into the apartments that OSF manages on a temporary basis, receiving socio-educational support until they are able to find suitable, long-term alternative living arrangements.

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