Clothes and shoes, but also blankets and sleeping bags for those who have nothing.

The Wardrobe Service welcomes people that require clothes and accessories. Those who access the service are closely and expertly assisted by the volunteers who help everyone to choose the shoes and clothes that best fit their needs, both in terms of size and personal taste.

Offering people the freedom to choose what to wear helps to protect their human dignity, one of the key priorities for OSF.

From shoes to jumpers through to blankets and sleeping bags for spending the night on the streets, this service provides people in need with tangible assistance.

Wardrobe Service in numbers

Consegna vestiti nel centro raccolta | OSF

Changes of clothes

Ospite e operatore del servizio guardaroba | OSF


Distribuzione capi d'abbigliamento | OSF

Average no. complete changes distributed per day

Operatore aiuta utente ad indossare giacca | OSF

Volunteers (jointly with the Shower service)

Scarpe maschili raccolte | OSF

Men’s shoes

Unless they have specific requirements, all users can access the Wardrobe to request a change of clothes 1 time every 4 weeks.

To access the service you must show your ID card, which can be requested from the Reception Service.

Where to find us

Via Kramer, 1
20129 Milano – MI


Opening hours

  • Monday: 17.30 – 20.00
  • Tuesday to Friday: 11.00 – 14.00 e 17.30 – 20.00
  • Saturday: 9.30 – 12

Main garments and accessories distributed in a year

  • Jackets 4,900
  • Blankets 2,800
  • Sheets 1,600
  • Sleeping bags 500

Contact details

Service manager
Fra Domenico Lucchini

Phone number


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