Transparency: founding value of
Opera San Francesco.

The Social Report is a document with which an organisation periodically communicates the results of its activities, not limiting itself to just financial and accounting aspects.

For over a decade Opera San Francesco has been drafting its Social Report, a document that aims to provide a transparent account of year of work on behalf of men and women in need.

As well as the activities of the Association, since 2019 the Social Report has also outlined the activities of the Opera San Francesco per i Poveri Foundation.

The document is sent to benefactors that request a copy and can be viewed and downloaded from this website at all times in order to guarantee maximum transparency.

On 2022 the Municipality of Milan donated 20.441,96 euros to the Opera San Francesco per i Poveri Association for the co-design and co-management of a Housing First service in the period March-August 2020. In 2009 the Municipality of Milan also loaned 3 apartments to OSF at no cost.

In 2022 the Opera San Francesco per i Poveri Association received an advertising bonus of 6,820 euros and the Opera San Francesco per i Poveri Foundation received an advertising bonus of 27,286 euros.

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