The OSF medicine distribution service

Opera San Francesco offers a Medicine distribution service for all those who are unable to access the National Health Service or, for proven economic reasons, cannot afford medicines.

The free distribution of medicines is an important step of the treatment course that vulnerable people can follow at our Health Centre.

I farmaci vengono donati da privati

The medicines are donated by private parties, companies or organisations like Banco Farmaceutico and are controlled and stored by our volunteers.
Some key medicines for the activities of the Health Centre are instead purchased directly by OSF.

2020 figures

Farmacista ripone medicinali | OSF

Packets of medicine distributed

Ospiti in attesa allo sportello | OSF

Beneficiaries of service del servizio

Volontari allo sportello distribuzione farmaci | OSF


Contact details

Service manager
Alfredo Cavenaghi

Phone number


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