Businesses can also help to keep the Wardrobe Service replenished with materials.

The Wardrobe Service is regularly restocked by the Collection Centre where lots of benefactors, particularly private citizens, donate used clothes and accessories in good condition. Lots of items are collected – every year over 145,000 garments are donated to the Collection Centre – but OSF must make up for a shortage of some particular, and expensive, articles which are listed below.


OSF purchases shoes every year and they are very expensive. In all seasons the Service needs more shoes than those donated. Normally around 1000 pairs of winter shoes are purchased in the coldest months with the same number of sandals purchased in the summer; in addition, around 500 pairs of mid-season shoes are purchased every two years.


The most frequently-requested article by our users. OSF purchases around 6000 pairs a year, particularly in the sizes 44-50.


These are guaranteed both in the shower kit and at the Wardrobe so large numbers are required. The quantities donated are never enough and Opera San Francesco buys 6000 long-sleeve cotton shirts every year.

Sleeping bags

All year round and particularly during cold weather emergencies, OSF gives a sleeping bag to all those who ask for one. The bags are new and very thick. If no company donates them, OSF purchases 500 a year on average.

Domestic appliances

Domestic appliances are also essential for the work carried out by the volunteers that help provide this service: washing machines and tumble dryers that run all day, every day, also cleaning the bath towels. At the moment there is just one old tumble dryer that is over 20 years old and needs replacing. We hope that a company comes along to help us fund this major expense.

Help Opera San Francesco

Companies that wish to support OSF and help in the running of the Shower and Wardrobe Service through money or material donations can get in touch with the manager, Fra Domenico Lucchini, by writing to osf@operasanfrancesco.it.

Thank you in advance to all those that decide to help Opera San Francesco in its daily activities to help the needy.


As regards the Collection Centre, please get in touch with manager Nicola Lanotte.

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