Hot meals for the poor every day in the OSF food kitchens.

The first service launched by Opera San Francesco, way back in 1959, was the Food Kitchen, thanks to which Fra Cecilio was able to offer a bowl of soup to the poor. A lot has changed since then but OSF’s commitment to providing those in difficulty with a hot meal every day has never wavered. Today there are two Opera San Francesco food kitchens, the original in Corso Concordia and a second one, which was opened in Piazzale Velasquez in Milan.

On average, the two OSF Food Kitchens welcome 2,300 people every day: people that cannot even afford a hot meal. The men, women and families, Italian and international, who come here can enjoy the comfort of a welcoming place and a complete lunch or dinner. The Corso Concordia Food Kitchen is open every day at lunch and dinnertime, except on Sundays. The Food Kitchen in Piazzale Velasquez is only open at lunchtime and is closed on Saturdays. Both are managed by the Opera San Francesco volunteers, together with a handful of employees. To access this service you must have an OSF magnetic card, which can be requested from the Reception Service present in both Food Kitchens.

Food donations for the poor of OSF

Much of the food served to the poor in the Opera Kitchens comes from material donations, and in particular the food donations that some companies make to OSF. The large quantities of foodstuffs that arrive at the food kitchen for the poor help the structure to run smoothly. Of course, any items still required to feed the large numbers of guests that visit the Kitchens are purchased by OSF. Every year, Opera San Francesco receives vast quantities of pasta, fruit and vegetables and other foods. Many organisations that have chosen to donate their products to OSF via existing NPOs have been doing so for years. These partnerships and contributions facilitate the procurement process and ensure the continuity of the service. The contribution of volunteers in the food kitchen is also crucial. Thanks to them, it is possible to feed thousands of needy people every day,

The Opera San Francesco food kitchen menu

Both food kitchens have two different menus, one for the summer and one for the winter. The menu consists of a complete meal made up of a first course, a main course with side dish, fruit or sweet, and a bread roll for everyone. The menu is complete with water, which is distributed in bottles or dispensed directly from the dispensers in the dining hall. The menu can obviously change depending on the food donations that OSF receives. We also try to offer guests a different meal on holidays and special occasions. Thanks to food donations, we often offer panettone or pandoro at Christmas, and Colomba cake or chocolate at Easter.

In the Food Kitchen in Piazzale Velasquez, opened in 2017, we also work to satisfy certain food requirements of users. If somebody with a certain condition has to follow a specific diet, the OSF cook will prepare a meal that meets their needs. An extra little step for people in need.

How to make material and food donations to OSF.

Lots of people like to help the poor and the NPOs that assist them through food donations. Before making a donation, though, it is good to know that OSF helps a lot of people every day and we are therefore only too happy to receive food donations that can help meet all our guests’ requirements. In any case, OSF accepts all donations, even if small in size. In these cases, the friars of the convent make use of them, or they are given to other voluntary sector organisations to make sure nothing goes to waste.

Donating a meal to the poof of the OSF.

Another way to help and donate food to the poor is to make a cash donation to OSF to help with the smooth running of the Opera San Francesco Food Kitchens. Even a small contribution can guarantee a meal.

  • with just 5 EUROS you can donate a meal to somebody that visits the OSF Food Kitchen;
  • with 150 EUROS you can donate a meal to 30 people in need that eat at OSF;
  • with 300 EUROS you can donate lunch and dinner for a month to 1 person at the Opera San Francesco Food Kitchen.

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