is the Opera San Francesco tax code to write on your income tax statement in order to make your voluntary 5 x 1000 donation to OSF.

A free choice that can make a real difference.
The 5 x 1000 is a percentage of your taxes which the State allows you to donate to good causes and you can use yours to help fund our activities to benefit the needy.

How do you donate your 5 x 1000 to Opera San Francesco with your income tax statement (form 730, Income form or form in the CU income tax document)? It’s really easy:

  1. Fill out form 730, the form in the CU income tax document or the Income form;
  2. Sign the box “I support voluntary work and other not-for-profit organisations, social welfare associations and…”;
  3. Indicate the OSF tax code in the dedicated space: 97051510150;
  4. Those who don’t fill out their own tax returns, i.e. those who only have the CU income tax document provided to them by their employer or pension provider, can also donate their 5 x 1000 contribution.

What OSF has done with the 5×1000.

Opera San Francesco is on the list of non-profit organisations that can benefit from the 5 x 1000 and over the years, thanks to the members of the public that have chosen it, it has been able to keep guaranteeing its services to the poor and maintain the large and complex operating structure that lies behind all of the help it provides.

We are talking about assistance and services dedicated to men and women and families, Italian and foreign, that turn to OSF for help every day.

Cuoco servizio mensa di Opera San Francesco | OSF


Ospite del servizio di igiene personale | OSF

Users of the showers

Ospite accolto da Opera San Francesco | OSF

People welcomed

Visita medica bambino | OSF

Medical check-ups

Operatrice del centro raccolta | OSF

Changes of clothes

Thanks to the preferences expressed by 40,351 people (relating to the 2020 financial year), in 2021 OSF received donations of €2,014,828.04. Lots of members of the public therefore chose to donate their 5 x 1000 to Opera San Francesco, enabling many poor people to keep receiving our tangible assistance. In fact, it is important to remember that every meal, every hot shower, every medical check-up and every interview held with those that turn to OSF for help on a daily basis has a cost for Opera San Francesco. We are talking, for example, about water and gas bills, extremely high for an institution like ours; the taxes paid on behalf of our employees; the supplies of plates, cutlery, cups and food for the food kitchens and the underwear for the Shower Service and Wardrobe. There are many other expenses to take into account too, all of which can be partially covered with your 5 x 1000.

OSF therefore thanks all those that choose to support us in this relatively trouble-free way and we hope that they will continue to stay by our side in the future. Thank you to all those who put tax code 97051510150 in the 5 x 1000 section of their income tax statement.

Learn more about the 5×1000.

Deciding where your 5 x 1000 contribution should go is very important and enables you to make a worthy and tangible contribution to helping those in need. Find out everything you need to know about the 5 x 1000.

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