The free OSF Psychology and Psychiatry service.

With its free Psychology and Psychiatry service, OSF responds to one of the most delicate needs of fragile and vulnerable members of the population. Since the service was introduced OSF has looked after the psychological wellbeing of people using different therapeutic approaches, developing treatment courses geared to assessing and taking care of those that request assistance.

The professionals that operate the service periodically participate in internal training and supervision meetings with the aim of sharing the technical and clinical expertise necessary to deal with the emerging complexities generated by constant geopolitical changes and the serious healthcare and social situations that currently exist.

Presently the service offers both in-person and online consultancy.

Thanks to its volunteers, the service offers child psychological, psychiatric and neuropsychiatric evaluation activities and psychotherapy treatments for adults, adolescents and minors from all over the world.

Beginning with the initial interview in the Psychology Clinic (always open with no appointment necessary), OSF welcomes people in serious states of psychosocial marginalisation, victims of intentional violence and trafficking, asylum seekers, vulnerable people and families in difficulty, reconstructing their personal, family and migratory background in specific settings, embracing their vulnerabilities, bringing out their individual resources and strengthening their resilience, key elements for embarking on a course of treatment (individual, couples, family or group).

Psychology clinic

Referrals to the clinic can be:

  • Voluntary
  • From the Health Centre
  • External, from institutions or operators reporting situations of psychosocial fragility

Services available

Thanks to the presence of a multi-professional and multidisciplinary team, different treatment courses are available:

  • individual, couple, family, group and child psychotherapy
  • psychiatric assessments
  • child neuropsychiatry assessments
  • integrated psychotherapy and psychopharmacology courses
  • ethnomedical treatments
  • courses using the EMDR technique
  • basic neuropsychological assessments
  • parent support
  • drafting of clinical reports and medico-legal certification

Opening hours

  • Monday to Friday: 9.00 – 16.00

Associated professionals

  • Medico-legal expert, performs check-ups aimed at identifying and certifying the compatibility of injuries with the acts of violence reported by the patient.
  • Linguistic-cultural mediators native speakers of Spanish, English, French, Wolof, Urdu, Hindi, Ukrainian, Russian, Polish, Romanian, Farsi and Turkish, who help the various professionals during check-ups and interviews, enabling the patient to freely express their problem and acting as a bridge and link between different cultures.

Contact details

Service manager
Erica Rovetta

Phone number


Coordination Team:

  • Dr. Bruni Sara Elena Anna.
    Psychologist Psychotherapist
  • Dr. Rivolta Viviana.
    Psychologist Psychotherapist
  • Dr. Spoto Jolanda.
    Psychologist Psychotherapist
  • Dr. Valfredi Anna.

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